Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amy Schumer Continues To Be Good At Music Videos

One of Amy Schumer’s greatest strengths is the cutting joke about how everything in popular culture conspires to control women by convincing them that they’re basically undesirable shambling mountains of ham in human clothes, and even successful, attractive women with their own goddamn TV shows aren’t immune.

Last night, she took a knife to the boy bands—your One Directions, 5 Seconds of Summers, and other number-noun combinations—who croon about the perfect, “natural” female beauty that can only be achieved through an hour putting on your face in the morning. It’s that whole “You don’t know you’re beautiful, which is great because it means you’re insecure and work really hard to be attractive to us, and that’s what makes you beautifuuuul!” thing.

“Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” is the pop music version of last season’s brilliant sketch about all the trivial nitpicks magazines use to make women feel inadequate. That one started with Amy getting ready to meet a guy for sex, and ended with her hiding under the bed after even anasshole reshaping wasn’t enough to meet the glossies’ impossible standards.

Between this and Schumer’s season-opening booty jam “This Is Where My Poop Comes Out” (feat. Amber Rose and Method Man), it’s becoming clear that she’s really fucking good at music videos. More like this, please.

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