Saturday, March 21, 2015

Watch An American Patriot Prank C-SPAN With The Fresh Prince Theme

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is our nation's most accurate barometer as to whether or not someone is an actual alien. If you say "In West Philadelphia..." and a person doesn't immediately respond with THE ENTIRE REST OF THE SONG, they are from another planet and should be exterminated with one of those big Men In Black laser guns, which Will Smith was also in.

Everyone also wants one of those hats.

It's the best theme to one of the best shows ever made, that when you go back and watch still decades later, holds up.  Just go watch the episode where Carlton gets shot and try not to cry.  It's impossible not to open those waterworks.  There is also a reason why every teen right now can do the Carlton dance upon prompting.

Now for the theme.  It's the theme for a show starring the two people (let's never forget DJ Jazzy Jeff lest we be struck down) who perform it, and I am not saying it's the best song of all time but...
I am saying that the song should replace "The Star Spangled Banner" at baseball games and should be added to United States citizenship tests. 

That said, some beautiful motherfucking patriot brought our nation's greatest recorded anthem to live TV with this prank call to C-SPAN. Now, he could have just started speeding through the lyrics as soon as they asked what his question was, but he didn't. He played it cool. And as a result, he got almost an entire verse of the song out before being cut off. 

God bless you, sir, for bravely going farther than any man has in history, for reaching the uncharted territories, for daring to dream.  So go crank the Big Willie Style, release a bald eagle, and chug some shitty domestic's time to celebrate!

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