Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something Is Coming For Metal Gear Fans

Something is happening in the world of anticipated video games, and I can barely contain myself.  Yesterday, Kojima Productions, the developer behind Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, one of the most anticipated upcoming video game has published a 48-hour countdown clock on its Metal Gear Solid 5 website.  This implies that the publisher is ready to make a significant announcement regarding the game.

A game in a series that is my, along with thousands of others, the favorite series of video games ever. It's exciting.  Very much so for a game that has been announced now for over two years.

For now, Konami has left no clear indication with regards to what the announcement could be. However, the Metal Gear Solid 5 release date remains a key detail yet to be disclosed, making it a frontrunner among other possibilities.  Thus fodder for wild speculation!  It's a release date!  It's a damn release date and it's coming out now! - Stuff like that.

Why so excited you ask?  Why so prone to ridiculous speculations?  Well, even though fans are excited over what is essentially an announcement of an announcement, the game in question here does stuff like this:

That's why.

The Seiko countdown timer suggests that the announcement will be made on Wednesday, March 4, at 6am Pacific Time (2pm UK).  Which if you are not up on your calendar game, is tomorrow.


In September at the Tokyo Games Show, series creator Hideo Kojima set broad launch timings for MGSV, stating that the project was scheduled to ship at some stage in 2015.  Kojima is also a master level troll, though, and has more than once took his fans for a ride.  So it very well could be an announcement for a MGS themed Seiko watch.  In the past he teased a "big announcement" that turned out to be a chicken themed hat that would be in the game.  Even the official announcement of the initial development of MGSV started with a bait and switch, where Kojima made fans think it was an entirely new franchise.  Only to pull the curtain away later, much to their joy (and mine).

This one however, seems legitimate.  It even has a countdown timer! A string of details have slowly emerged over the months, such as the reveal of the game's multiplayer component in December.  Leading many fans to believe that this could be the big one.  Fingers crossed!

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has been listed by GameSpot as one of the most anticipated titles of 2015.  In closing, as for my own personal anticipation for the game.  I will do as I do with many things in life, I will let The Simpsons echo my sentiment.

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