Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Mad Max Serves Up Some Story In Latest Trailer

There is a new trailer online as of today for the upcoming Tom Hardy reinvigoration of Mad Max entitled Mad Max: Fury Road, and OH SWEET LORD HOW IS THIS NOT GOING TO BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE?!

Well for one thing it doesn't star a certain Aussie racist.
As for the trailer itself, it OWNS just as much as the past couple have, only this time we get a little story with our awesome apocalyptic car gnashing, gun shootin' mayhem.

Looks like some bad men want to do some bad things to some young women, and only Charlize Theron's "Furiosa" and Tom Hardy's "Max" can stop them.  Stop them by fucking them up in the most awesome ways possible with a car and guns.

Check it out:

May 15th cannot come soon enough.

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