Monday, March 2, 2015

Man Illegally Carpooling With Wooden Friend

When Officer Jonathan Abrams pulled over a Long Island man for speeding in the HOV lane Friday morning, he ran into a slight problem: He asked both men in the car for ID, but one of them, being several pieces of wood stuck together, had none. Well, unless a pinecone is valid identification in New York...

"Just let me do all the talking Steve, after all you have no mouth."

"I noticed that the front seat passenger was not a person," Abrams (rudely) said of driver James Campbell's wooden companion. "It was constructed as if it was popsicle sticks, large popsicle sticks."
How dare the NYPD discern who and who isn't a person!

Campbell was then cited for speeding and occupancy violation, but he says he isn't about to abandon his boarded bud. On Friday evening, Campbell confirmed to WNBC that his pal is riding up front again.

"He's got a sister down in the basement," Campbell weirdly added, "and on special occasions I bring her out and she wears a tutu."

Maybe next time Ms. Wooden could accompany the two gentlemen, and clearly make it a worth carpool group.

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