Monday, March 9, 2015

Japan Has Now Mastered Candy Assissted Space Travel

Candy is the best.  It's fun to eat, makes you happy, and can calm the most furious child with a flick of a wrapper.  Now, thanks to Japan, it can also take you into outer space.

And yes, it's called the Candy Rocket.

Those clouds of smoke are probably delicious.

Japanese sweets maker UHA Mikakuto brought together experts from various labs and universities to make a rocket that uses candy as its fuel.

Powered by twenty Puccho soft candies, the rocket successfully launched last week and reached an altitude of 248 meters (813 feet).

This isn't just the world's first candy powered rocket, but quite possibly the world's first cavity-inducing rocket fuel.

Just think.  If you ever crash, no longer will you be burned horribly into an unrecognizable husk by high temperature, but instead will have an explosion of flavor all over your body!


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