Thursday, March 26, 2015

How Many Movie People Has Sylvester Stallone Killed?

Here's a fun thought exercise for those who partake in late night debates assisted by junk food and a lifting sense of clarity: which action movie star has killed more people in their movies? Is it Arnold or Sylvester? Stallone or Schwarzenegger? This video totals up all the deaths that Sly is responsible for and we can directly compare it to Ahnold.

These two poor souls were dead moments later.

Auralnauts tallied up the kill count of Sly Stallone in this epic 35-minute long video—covering everything like First Blood and the Expendables—and categorized the kills by firearm, explosives, bow and arrow, bare hands and so on. The final count has Stallone at 539 kills. That actually bests Arnold, who "only" had 509.

Hell, one thing is for sure, he is so good at killing he went and killed the fuck out of his own career!

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