Sunday, March 1, 2015

FUNDAY: No Intro Needed

Sometimes things happen that are so awesome you don't even need an intro to your Funday weekly article.  Things like:

All Day(Live at BRIT Awards) - Kanye West by yefferyetsin-quispegutierrez-3


So Help Me God.

Oh yeah.

We in it.

Let's go.


Brodinski f/Bloody J

If this is what you saw when you did drugs, I might think about doing a ton of drugs.  Also, new life goal: Go to Shanghai and stare at that skyline in wonder for an entire day and night.

Montana of 300 f/Talley

The amount of video game references in this song within the first minute pretty much sealed it's inclusion for this week.  That said, the camo hunting gear that everybody is rocking should totally become the new street uniform for trap rap.

Matthew E. White

Get ready to nod your damn head repeatedly whilst enjoying breathtaking landscapes.

Action Bronson

Well, my favorite rapper right now just made my favorite music video this year.  If you don't at least crack a smile during this one, you are beyond help.


Hydrophobic Shirt

By all means, get yourself a hydrophobic shirt you slob.  Just make sure that you never ever wash it.

Making of Beer Cans

Behold, and witness the beautiful elegance that is the creation of the thing that you will ultimately smash on your head.  Even without the booze, they are pretty cool.

Ice-T Voices Cartoons

Don't get it twisted.  He will definitely smash your head still, but he also may have shown up in a GI Joe episode or two.  As awesome as GI Joe was, it could always have been more awesome, especially with the man who made "Cop Killer."

Couples Try Famous Kisses

Just get on out there and do some famous kisses everyone.  Odds are you'll do a much better job than two lazy actors, one of which is hanging upside down like a fool.

10 Years of YouTube

I don't know, some website just turned 10.  Maybe you went to it once or twice.  Something like that.


Who knew Yeezy Season would feel this good?  Me.  See you next week.

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