Sunday, March 22, 2015


It has been a while folks, since we have had a week where so many tough tunes came out that it called for a Funday Music Edition.  However, here we are!

So get some headphones, turn on the basketball (on mute) and get ready to jam.  Caution: You are gonna need some headphones with a long cord.

These tunes will help you escape that terrible "March Madness" affliction going around town this year.  I don't know what it is, but it sure sounds like something you do not want to mess with.

I think your head turns into a basketball or something. Horrifying!

Basketball related illnesses are no joke.  Talk to your doctor if Basketballevitra is right for you.



Still yet to release a song that I would describe as anything less than excellent, the silken voiced Brit has dropped another jam.  This one coming straight at your own insecurities, in the most lovely way.  If John Hughes was still making teen movies in 2015 this would definitely be raised over the lovelorn protagonist's head at the film's inevitable climactic reunion. The only difference would be that it would be blaring from an iPod dock instead of a boombox.


It is 2015 y'all, and another British invasion is on the way.  Grime, England's own killer street rap style of music is coming back, and it is about to blow in a big way. Along with Skepta, who is fresh from just being cosigned by Kanye,  Stormzy is leading the charge.  So go get some Grime mixtapes right now.  You don't want to look like a sucka when it hits do you?

Heems f/Dev Hynes

One half of the defunct but near legendary Das Racist (get back together fellas!) has finally released his first full album, and boy is it good.  Mostly because it has stuff like this, although not representative of the album, it just hurts to listen to. In all the best ways.  It does though have an "Ignition (Remix)" reference though, so that's pretty awesome as well.


If there is a new M.I.A. song, then you best believe it's gonna find it's way right here you punk.  I mean come on, we aren't fucking around here.  As for the tune, its the goddess doing what she does best: Delivering an intensely dancable beat over a wobbly bass while schooling your dumb ass on some social/economic/political hot buttons.  Like drones fucking killing people all over the world.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick mentions that he should probably run for mayor in this song, along with a lot of other stuff.  The amount of funk alone he is brining to the game right now makes me want to vote for him in whatever office he could potentially run for.

Death Grips

It's hard to believe that these guys are broken up, especially when they are really starting to expand their sound, and just put out an album.  Also, since I just started to finally figure them out, and dare I say...enjoy their music...I really hope that they are just fucking with us.  They probably are, it's in their nature.

Carnage f/iLoveMakonnen

This video has just the right amount of gore.  Which is a whole bunch of gore.  Makonnen is in a sea of weirdo (in the best way) Atlanta rappers, the king, and it is great to see him one day rapping along side Ezra Koenig.  The next making an EDM song.  He may or may not be the biggest thing in the world someday, but regardless of that level of attainment, it is gonna be a fun ride.

Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild f/Action Bronson

Not saying that the only reason I included this was because it features Bronsalino doing pushups.  But I will say that it is like about 95% the reason why I included this.  It is just impossible to not be happy when you see that.

Earl Sweatshirt

Once again the best music video director alive (Hiro Murai) collaborates with Ear, and again it is such a memorable result.  Simplicity is key, and the visuals let the song permeate your earholes, while still keeping your attention.  At once sinister and fascinating, just using an infrared camera is enough.


Remember, if you start to feel like a basketball, go to the doctor immediately.  Safety first, and your health over everything.  See you next week!

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