Sunday, March 15, 2015

FUNDAY: Branch Out

It's Funday again everybody!  So you better make like a tree and:

Live for hundreds of years.

(I got nothing for an intro this week.)

Let's go!



Being Grimes looks like fun. And how many other artists could take the beyond-tired having-fun-on-tour conceit, direct it themselves, and make it anywhere near this visually compelling? My count: zero. Just the use of light alone is a thing of beauty.

Lil Bibby & Lil Herb

These two gifted and gruff-beyond-their-years Chicago youngsters came up rapping alongside each other, but they’re both nurturing solo careers, and it’s been a while since we’ve heard them on a song together. But here they are, growling gun threats over florid pianos like nothing’s changed. And before you ask, yes that impossible voice is actually Bibby's real one. They sound better together than they do on their own. Best part: Herb gives his mom a couple hundred dollars and tells her go to watch TV so she’ll stop bothering him while he’s trying to smoke weed.


Not saying you'll ever need to, but if you need to know someday what my dreams are like...this is it.  Pretty much exactly.  Also, the song is a rad feminist fever dream.  Which is cool.

Bobby Brackins f/Jeremih & Zendaya

San Juan sure looks nice.


Toothpaste & OJ

Thank you science video.  You have finally solved what I have been too lazy to research for decades now.  At least now I know why this happens, and will try in the future to drink my OJ first.

Upsilon Circuit

You want your video games to be hard?  Well forget about extra lives, because in Upsilon Circuit if you die that's it for you.  You don't ever get to play the game again.  Seriously. Never again.

Riding The White Line

Mikel Kollbek is a man who enjoys riding his bike.  He enjoys it so much that he will do things with it that will make you have a heart attack from merely watching video footage of it.  It really is amazing he can ride that thing, considering how big his balls are.

Flying Snowmobile

It must get pretty boring up in Scandinavia, with the whole six months of night and all.  Or maybe because of all that darkness, when the sun comes out they just need to go crazy.  Either way, they built a snowmobile with a parachute and then drove it off a cliff.

Man Inside Street Fighter

Thanks to the power of the Internet one man has done what I have all my life wanted to: Became a Street Fighter character.  (I would have totally wore a cooler outfit.)


That's it, we're done here.  Time for you to branch out!  See what I did there?  That is what is known as a callback...See you next week.

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