Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Classic Arcades Are Back As Legos And It All Is Good

Space Harrier. Out Run. Thunder Blade. These are arcade machines.  They are also all awesome.  Another thing that is awesome?  Legos.  Before today all these machines had in common was that they were great, and made by Sega.  Now they share another great trait.

Apart from being Sega arcade games from the eighties, what do they have in common? LEGO, of course.

Oh yeah.

The LEGO set, made by SpacySmoke and submitted to LEGO Ideas, consists of recreations of the aforementioned three Sega arcade machines and three minifigures to go with each machine, including a tiny LEGO Yu Suzuki.  The god of Sega Japan.

You can find more photos of the proposed set here.

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