Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Burger King Perfume Is Coming To Japan

Japanese?  Live in Japan?  Have a strange yearning to smell like a delicious flame broiled hamburger in your daily life without the hassle of cooking meat everyday?

Well, you are about to get some excellent news.

A Burger King officially branded perfume is coming.  It's called "Flame Grilled" and because the fates hate us all, it is only coming to Japan...for now...

We truly live in a magical era.

Forget everything you know about April 1st, because according to Burger King Japan, April 1st is now "Whopper Day" in Japan. It's not a national holiday (dammit!), but website Fashion Snap reports that the company registered the day with the Japan Anniversary Association, making it one of many "unofficial" holidays that exist in the country. For example, Japan has a Pocky Day.

Before you forget everything though, know that April 1st is also April Fools' Day, which is most certainly a thing in Japan, but a thing that is celebrated only on April 1st and not a month before.

So what the fuck is going on? As Fashion Snap points out, the word "whopper" can also mean "lie," so it makes perfect sense for April 1st to also be Whopper Day. However! As numerous Japanese sites are all reporting, Burger King is apparently (apparently!) offering a limited edition Burger King perfume, which comes with a Whopper, so, I'm assuming, you can compare smells. Priced at 5,000 yen, the fragrance will only go on sale on April 1st starting at 10:30am. Limited one per customer. Did I mention it's Japan only? Yes, yes I did.

None of the fine print seems to indicate that this is an imaginary product and mid-March is way too fucking early to start with the April Fools' Day nonsense. Japanese food blog Entabe writes, "This seems like a like, but this is for real." As a man who wants to live in a world where people walk around smelling like hamburgers, God let's hope so.

On the same day, Burger King Japan is also selling a "Whopper Pass," which is thirty days of Whopper meal deals, which are priced at 840 yen (US$6.93) each. But the pass, good between April 1 and April 30, is available at a bargain 5,000 yen ($41), making this a seriously good deal for those who don't mind eating Whoppers every. Single. Day.

Somebody get me one of these.  Also, that is coincidentally my life's mantra.

Welcome to Burger King Japan, where all your burger fantasies come true.

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