Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Watch Jon Stewart Break Your Heart By Announcing His Departure From The Daily Show

Well what the hell are we all going to do now?

This is everyone right now times 1000.
Jon Stewart's plans to end his long run as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show emerged earlier today—he even acknowledged that viewers already knew something his live audience at the taping didn't—but watching him make the announcement really makes the news seem real. Here's how Stewart delivered the news.

Here's the thing, Jon Stewart always had a magical way to work through the anger and frustration and ridiculousness and wrongdoings of politics and people. Whatever awful thing had happened, you could watch him and even though the problem didn't get better, you at least could work through it and just go "Yeah, somebody fucking gets it." And he didn't just do it by going "Fuck you! You're Bad!" he did it by actually breaking things down and explaining to you why they were fucked up.  Not to mention doing it in a hilarious and incredibly smart way.

Change is hard, and this change is really hard.  It seems right now that after 17 quick years, he is just as irreplaceable as he ever was.

Good luck to you Jon, but boy, this one hurts. 

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