Monday, February 16, 2015

Watch The Best (Musical) Performance From SNL 40th

Kanye West hit the Saturday Night Live stage for the three-and-a-half hour #SNL40 40th anniversary special this past Sunday night (SNL on a Sunday?) to perform his latest track “Wolves” with ridiculous wig-game wearing Sia and a fantastic-sounding Vic Mensa, who sang on the track. ‘Ye’s voice was definitely a little worn, probably from his major performances in NYC and elsewhere this week, but the full debut of “Wolves” was definitely worth it.  Especially for a Kanye stan like myself.

Striking? Yes.

The performance was the only one of the night that included a medley of multiple songs, giving nod to Ye's multiple memorable appearances on SNL. Adding to the single spotlight, pyramid, and glow in the dark sets that he has used in the past, Kanye of course created another interesting stage set. First laying down, then crouching under a low ceiling with his fellow musicians.

This follows Yeezy’s twin performances of “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds,” the latter with Paul McCartney and Rihanna, at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, which was then overshadowed by his fake interruption of Beck’s Album Of The Year Award and his subsequent rant in an interview afterward. Tonight, in true Kanye fashion, he also pulled a fake interruption—this one possibly even more tongue-in-cheek than the last—when he took Matt Lauer’s microphone on the #SNL40 red carpet and pretended to pull his now-classic maneuver. It’s almost the gift that keeps on giving at this point, no?

Check out the raspy performance below:

Yeezy is gearing up to release his seventh solo studio album in the near future, or so we hope, and this recent media blitz seems like it could be part of the buildup to that release. But do we really know? Of course not. But either way, check out his and Vic’s contribution to the star-studded Saturday Night Live love-fest above. 50 Cent and Ludacris were also reportedly scheduled to make appearances this evening, where the majority of the show’s cast throughout the years are making cameos alongside superstars like Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro and more.

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