Tuesday, February 24, 2015

There Is Now A Pac-Man Restaurant

Chicago just got much cooler, because they have given the most ultimate hero that lacks a body, arms, legs, and well...most facial features, his very own restaurant.  Pac-Man has a restaurant, and to be honest, considering that his most defining feature is that he eats stuff...is pretty much a no-brainer.

Waka waka waka whoa that's nice.

Chicago's 40,000 square foot Pac Man restaurant Level 257 is now open for business, at least for some. The venue is now letting "beta testers" (god video games make everything dumb sometimes) make a dinner reservation and sample the food and entertainment before it opens to the public later this year.

Chicago Eater went inside Level 257 and snapped a series of lovely photos of the space. It's not just a restaurant, however. In addition to seating for 180 people, it has a bowling alley, ping pong tables, and of course, Pac-Man video games to play, among other things. Which, is pretty much a given.

Level 257's cocktails are named after video games. Some of these include "Game Over," "1 Up," and "Midway." Check out the restaurant's menu here. And definitely be sure to look through the whole image gallery at Chicago Eater.

As for the name, Level 257 is a reference to Pac-Man's infamous killscreen, which pops up during the 256th board. Overall, the restaurant aims to offer a "fun dining" experience.  Although it lacks very much blue neon, and a specific absence of ghosts is clearly noticeable, it looks pretty cool.

Level 257 is located at the Woodfield Mall in Chicago. For more on the venue, and to make a reservation, head to the restaurant's Facebook page.

All I am saying is, there better be a "giant bouncing cherries" option on the menu.

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