Monday, February 9, 2015

The Grammys Happened Last Night

Last night you were probably already busy, and didn't have any time to watch the 57th annual Grammy Awards.  After all, AMC had Walking Dead and Better Call Saul back to back!

So incase you missed out, here are some quick things that went down, and what you need to know to fake it around whatever the equivalent of a water cooler is at your job today.

The show came to us all "live" from Los Angeles this year, which meant that perennial and now for all time ever host LL Cool J got to do a cringeworthy version of his "Going Back to Cali" even though everybody was already in Cali.

AC/DC opened the show, and here's what explains their performance:

Seriously though, it was pretty good.  Especially the part where they played "Highway to Hell" and everybody got out their assigned devil horns, because it allowed for this moment:

Then the show began in full, which means that there were barely any awards given out and a shitload of performances.  A whopping 21 in all.  There were so many performances that some performers had to introduce other ones right after they were done (looking at you Ed Sheeran).

The performances themselves were spanning the gamut of good (Ed Sheeran with ELO, Kanye (2 TIMES),  Usher doing Stevie Wonder:

And ridiculously bad: Fucking Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani doing Maroon 5, Hozier with Annie Lennox for some reason (although Annie kilt it), Peanut butter covered marble mouth Ariana Grande...

There were even the most cringeworthy stuff that you expect from the Grammys.  Like Pharrell's new hat, and insistence to perform the song that everybody wanted to hear in the most terrible way:

 He will now forever be known as GRAND BUDAPEST PHARRELL.

Pharrell went and redeemed himself though, as he judged Taylor Swift's constant dancing in the most wonderful way.

...white people...
Other stupid moments that always happen at the Grammys?  They pretended to be all about music and music teachers again by "honoring" them.  Which means actually doing nothing to help, and not contributing any money, but giving all those music programs that are struggling a big "thumbs up!"

They also honored a Beatle, George Harrison this time, because it is not a Grammys if a Beatle is not honored.  Despite the fact that when you do it every fucking year, it loses any and all meaning.

As for the winners, the big ones were Sam Smith, who got Record of The Year, Best New Artist, and something else I cannot remember.  Anyway, he won the most.

As for Album of the Year, it went to Beck, and not Beyonce, which was not what Kanye West, who was in the building expected.  Can you guess what happened next America?!

Boom. Kanye Bomb!

Lucy, he did it again! Kinda.  He didn't say anything this time, probably remembering that fateful 2009 moment in this 2015 moment.  He did however, succeed in horrifying Beyonce again.

 It was cool though. Just a fakeout.  He did though have something to say afterwards.  Hint: It was ridiculous (even for a Yeezus stan like me).

Best moment though, Prince was there and he summed up the whole event in one look as only he can.

Please everyone, make this a meme now.

All hail the Purple One.

See you soon for The Oscars!

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