Monday, February 2, 2015

Pixel Simpsons Is So Good You Won't Believe It Isn't Official

From pixel artists Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon comes a new Simpsons intro, a remake that's so good you might think it's actually official. It's not, but wow--even the culminating couch gag is great.

Accurate representation of how it will make you feel.

The video features music from Jeremy Dower, doing his best to re-imagine Danny Elfman's classic theme with a new chip-tune sound.

Robertson and Dixon didn't just remake the well-known intro, they added to it with even more Simpsonsreferences. You'll notice that Frank Grimes (with a halo over his head) makes an appearance, along with Poochie and Stampy the elephant, among others.

You'll definitely want to watch the whole thing. And after you're done, click through the names to find more from the very-talented artists: Robertson, Dixon, and Dower.

Pixel Homer, is everything.

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