Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mission To Mars Choses 100 People Who Could Get To Die There

Sure, the planned civilian mission to Mars is wildly unrealistic, and if it even if we got there everyone would probably starve, but it's still fun to think about. That's especially true when it comes to deciding what 100 people should be banished to space, never to return, as Mars One did today.  Meaning we are one step closer to an amazing space adventure that will most likely end in horrible tragedy at worst, and some sort of Mars republic of Martian colonists at best.

Watch that helmet glass!

"From the initial 202,586 applicants, only 100 hopefuls have been selected to proceed," read a statement released by the organization Monday. "These candidates are one step closer to becoming the first humans on Mars."

Unfortunately, all of the potential deportees are volunteers (thus denying my "send criminals who will somehow thrive and then spark an interspace war with earth" fantasy), and of the 100 only four would be sent on the one-way trip, but who knows! Maybe Mars is super easy to colonize but a bummer to be on and we can start using it as Earth's Australia.  Perhaps there could even be space kangaroos. 

We may even have some say in the matter, as Mars One's website promises, "The whole world will have a vote which group of four will be the first humans on Mars." -An idea which, given the complexity and pioneering situation of the mission, seems like an unbelievably terrible idea.

What do you think? What four shitpeople are the most qualified for off-planet exile? Who will get their ass to Mars?

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