Friday, February 13, 2015

High-speed Chase Ends With Vigilante Beating

Police got into a high-speed pursuit with a robbery suspect in Dallas yesterday, and the chase ended when the suspect slammed into a line of cars at a stop light. That's when he was apprehended not by police officers, but by a road-raging couple who were not about to let some asshole just get away with wrecking their car.

And before his jail time, he learned a powerful lesson: If you are gonna slam into someone during your illegal police chase, make sure they are the right person.

These two are clearly the wrong people:

On the one hand, I admire how fearlessly these two went about scrapping with a criminal. On the other, it's a little worrying that it took them so long to notice that their kid was seriously dazed. Little guy seemed ready to fight, too, though, so shout out to him.  Either that or the accident somehow possessed him with a sort of demon, given all the squirming he was doing.

All in all a positive outcome without any major injuries, and a hilarious turn of events.

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