Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Guy Beats Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Blindfolded

For some reason, high-level gamers like to take on Mike Tyson's Punch-Out blindfolded.  Maybe because without a blindfold it is already hard as balls, so with no eyes Tyson has a considerable advantage.  Perhaps because it is just an awesome game, and people like playing it whatever way they can. Anyway, folks have gotten awfully close to beating everyone including Mike Tyson without their eyes. But this latest attempt looks the first one to actually do it.

He's too intimidating to look at.
To clarify, Sinister1's attempt at Awesome Games Done Quick 2o14 got him all the way up to the big boss but he got put down by TKO. And that was followed by Dtysonator's successful blind victory by decision over Tyson—but only Tyson—last June. Fellow speedrunner Jack Wedge was inspired by those runs and decided to try and go the distance with the infamously hard NES game. You can see Wedge pull off his 14-0 streak on a Wii emulator in the video above, which clocks in at 34 minutes. This is truly some blind-swordsman shit.

Only use your powers for good, young videogamesman, only for good.

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