Sunday, February 22, 2015

FUNDAY: This One's For You

Welcome back to a very special Funday ladies and gentlemen.  Today is the Funday of the Oscars, where once again you will gather around your television, to watch famous people gather in a room, and give each other awards.

However, there is one person who deserves an award right now.  It's you Funday fans, you are so good.

Remember that dope Facebook photo you posted last year?  Or when you wrote that funny tweet that nobody noticed, or so you thought?

Funday noticed.

Not only were you looking good last year, but you were clever as well.  You may not have been famous, or even rich.  But what you were for sure was worthwhile.  So here you go:

You did it. And you deserve it.

Don't worry if you didn't prepare a speech.  I am sure you'll nail it.

Congratulations you wonderful person you!


Low Pros f/Que

Amazing in their own right producers A-Trak and Lex Luger, two men who know how to choose pseudonyms, are back as Low Pros (an equally excellent name) once again.  Once again they are making not only bangerz with guests like Que, but super cool visuals to go with.  Missed you two.

Rome Fortune

I don't know when ATL rappers became so damn weird, but boy is it awesome that it happened.  Keep it coming everyone.  Wanna dye your beard green and make a music video with your grandfather in it?  Be my guest.


I really hope that one day they make an avant-garde Step Up sequel.  And if they do, it has to look and sound like this.  It just has to.


Melodic punk band from Denmark you say?  Well you can just stop right there.  Sold.


Man, I was all ready to finish up the "Sounds" portion for this week's Funday and then as I glanced over my recommendations in YouTube (which I have curated perfectly) I saw a fucking band that is called SUPERHEAVEN and I had to reopen my draft.  Let this be a lesson to all you would-be musicians out there.  If you are thinking about a band thing, think hard about a killer name first. Something like Grand Pappy, or Bleu Suede, or whatever.  Trust me.


Robot Eating a Sandwich

They are already among us!  We are fucked.

Kill Me Three Times

Simon Pegg as a hitman in a dark comedy?  Yep.  That will do.  That will do just nicely thank you very much.

Tiny Tempura

Why are tiny things so much more delicious?  Why do you always want the tiny version and then just wish it could be bigger as you consume it?  Humanity will never solve this problem.  We are just simply doomed.

Girls React to Tinder Lines

Oh boy.


See you next week.

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