Sunday, February 8, 2015

FUNDAY: Come And Get It

It's Funday again ladies and gents, and I don't mean to be brief but I am gonna.

You know what it is already, so get on down and relax as the soothing sounds and sights of the Internet wash over you.

Visual representation of your computer while viewing Funday.



Rihanna f/ Paul McCartney & Kanye West

What I wouldn't have given to be in the studio when Riri and Yeezy had to explain what "wilin'" meant to Sir Paul.  That would have been amazing. Also, as gorgeous as Rihanna is, and despite all the titillating looks she has rocked over the years, I somehow find this semi-strung out long hair don't care natural look the hottest.  Weird huh?

Andre Martel

This video features some ill shit.  If you like it, we could most definitely be friends.

Action Bronson

A man known as Action Bronson, who is a 300lbs. former chef turned rapper that sounds like another man named Ghostface just made a song called "Big League Chew" with another man named The Alchemist who is a legendary producer.  AND PEOPLE DARE TO SAY THAT RAP MUSIC IS BAD RIGHT NOW?!


Ride the synthwave ladies and gents, ride it right to Hell.

OG Maco

Warning: You will want to play this song more than one time in a row.  However, do not do so, because you will destroy your entire house.  It cannot be helped.  If you must listen to it repeatedly, do so in a room without any delicate/breakable objects.


UnSnecessary Censorship: Superbowl

Anybody that knows their football history knows that it was a low blow to make Kurt "Tha God" Warner give the trophy over to the damn Patriots.  He should have given them a big dildo, or whatever this is implying. Nobody puts Warner in the corner.

Steph Curry 3-Point Showdown

There's always somebody who is better than you, no matter how good you may be at something.  In this case Steph Curry, perhaps the best 3-point shooter of all time, meets his match: A 10-year-old girl.

Kid Instrument Metal

Beware, kid instruments hold a surprising amount of Metal inside them.

Mining Digital Gold

Come along with the good folks of Motherboard as they take us into the depths of what people do to get those sweet sweet bitcoins.  Hint: It's crazy.


See you next week!

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