Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fallon Goes To Bayside And Wins The Internet

Jimmy Fallon must be finding it much easier to wheel and deal now that The Tonight Show has moved back to Los Angeles.  How else could you explain what he did last night?

On last night's episode, Fallon went hard for that Millennial love, and reunited (most of) the cast of Saved By The Bell for a hilarious skit that was more pitch perfect than most of what you will see on SNL. Eight whole minutes on a sketch featuring the original cast, almost 25 years after the NBC Saturday morning kid-com made its premiere.


They covered all the bases: Zach's hair, Zach's phone, time out freeze frames, Slater's mullet, and the urge we all had to bang Kelly Kapowski. Mr Belding is there!  And of course, Jessie is s excited. There's even a (fake) Screech cameo if you look hard enough, despite the absence of actual Dustin Diamond (because of the whole stabbing thing.)

I don't even like this damn show, and still found myself enjoying the whole damn thing.

The real magic though?  The fact that somehow after 25 years, the cast pretty much looks exactly the same as they did...must be that Hollywood magic.

Check it out:

Sadly, Jim Harbaugh couldn't make it.

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