Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DOOM Mod Replaces Sounds With Man's Mouth

DOOM is awesome.  One of the best games ever made and still fun to play today.  One of the reasons it holds up so well is because over the decades of it's life on PC, people have made some awesome and also dumb (in the best way) mods for it.

Now there is a new one that falls in the latter category of mods (the dumb ones) and it's the perfect way to turn an otherwise grim, brutal game about slaughtering demons goofy as hell.  And it involves something you probably already do anyway: gun mouth sounds.


Submitted by user mallo to Doomworld last week, the "Greatest sound wad ever" replaces each in-game sound effect with mallo's, well, own sound effects. Here's some in-game footage,recorded by Rock Paper Shotgun, to show you what it's like:

Great stuff. If you want more, you can grab the mod from here, and maybe check out the similar mod Half-Life 2 got a few years back.

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