Friday, February 13, 2015

DOOM Mod Lets You Beat People With Their Own Arms

Brutal DOOM remains one of the most infamous DOOM modifications around, allowing folks to dial up the game's violence to new heights. Sure, it all looks a little goofy—DOOM came out in in 1993, after all—but Brutal DOOM still manages to shock. Next up? Bloody, destructible bodies!

Everything about this is awesome.

Even though the violence of DOOM looks slightly absurd in modern times, consider the following GIF to be slightly NSFW.

I'll give you a moment or two to prepare yourself.


Are you sure?

Close your eyes if you're nervous

Okay, here we go.


The upcoming release of Brutal DOOM is the mod's 20th revision. Destructible bodies actually used to be part of the mod, but were removed because the extra gore was CAUSING GLITCHES.

On v19 I had to remove the destroyable bodies because they were bugging everything, making some doors and lifts to stop working. Now I have not just fixed this issue, but I am also expanding it. The bodies are much more interactive than before, and you can also squish gibs by jumping over them. And yes, you will be able to remove the arms from dead mancubi using the chainsaw and use it as a weapon again. Same for revenant rocket launcher.

That's a man dedicated to his craft. And did I read that right? You can rip off someone's arm and use it as a weapon? I can't tell if John Carmack would be proud or creeped out to learn this.  He would be proud.  Or at least John Romero would.

Check it out you sicko:

DOOM is love. DOOM is life.

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