Sunday, February 8, 2015

Best Villains Hits of The 80's

Joker, Shredder, the Xenomorphs, have all done so much bad to society it is about time they gave back:  With nothing but the most radical 80's hits!

Graphic designer and probable genius Rocky Davies thought that many of his favorite villains had an image image problem that could only be fixed with classic pop music. Check out Davies' 80’s Villains pop album covers below, or see the full roundup on his site.

Now sit back, enjoy, and wonder to yourself what kind of genre 1985 Joker would record under.  Has to be synth-pop.  It just has to be.

If you listen between the ha ha's, you can really find some substance.

I really prefer his second album more, "Sports. And Acid."

Everybody always forgets his contributions to the sound of Soft Cell.

Too bad he did all that cocaine.  He could have really had a long career.

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