Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Kangaroo Charged With Being Kangaroo

A Wisconsin woman says she was recently asked to leave a McDonald's over her choice of company, even though her companion had done nothing wrong. Nothing, that is, besides being a baby kangaroo.

Nothing to see here, just a regular human being child.

According to Diana Moyer, an officer made her and Jimmy, her eight-month-old kangaroo, exit the restaurant after another patron called the police. At the time, Jimmy was in a child's car seat, an apparently common occurrence. From the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen:

[Moyer] said she has been visiting the McDonald's at 840 Park Ave. for three months with Jimmy and no one has ever complained. In fact, she said she takes Jimmy everywhere, including her church — Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Beaver Dam — and to the east side of Madison. Recently she and Jimmy drove to Eastgate Cinema in Madison to watch Taken 3.

For their part, police have stood by the blatantly anti-marsupial act.

"While it's an unusual call, it was certainly handled in an appropriate manner going in and ultimately we got what we'd like to get," said Detective Ryan Klavekoske, "which is voluntary compliance with the ordinance."
So in summation, a Mormon woman who owns a Kangaroo baby and is a enthusiast of awful movies is angry that her Jimmy cannot enjoy a Big Mac in peace.

Somebody get this poor animal away from her and into safety.  No kangaroo should have to see the horror that is Taken 3. 

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