Friday, January 30, 2015

Your (Bootleg) Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here

The final two episodes of Game of Thrones season four were screened in IMAX theaters all across the country last night. But that’s in the past, man: a fan recorded the brand-new trailer for season five, and even though the quality’s not great, it’s still A BRAND-NEW TRAILER FOR SEASON FIVE.

It's got pretty much everything you could want.  Soldiers, fighting, intrigue, ominous voiceovers!  It also has everything you didn't know you wanted but now have: Tyrion with a beard(!), badass Arya(!), David Bowie's "Heroes!"  Also this guy:

Still knows nothing.

It also raises just as many questions.  Is Vaerys backing Daenerys?  Is Littlefinger gonna do something good?  What will Jon Snow learn, if anything?  One thing is for sure though: Even in cellphone quality, this damn thing looks good.  

Come on HBO, April 14th cannot come soon enough. Just give us one episode now...

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