Thursday, January 8, 2015

Someone's Job Is To Photoshop Hair Onto Justin Bieber's Body

Justin Bieber, everyone's favorite Canadian, is the new face of Calvin Klein as you may now know.  He forever joins the proud ranks of other d-bags who people rationally hate who have also been the face of Calvin Klein underwear.  You know, like Mark Wahlberg.

Oh, he's got the Wahlberg down completely.

However, like many things Justin Bieber does, (okay everything he does) the new photos that came with the campaign arrived with controversy and confusion for many unsuspecting women and men. That's because said release of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein campaign earlier this week brought with it an unexpected and upsetting question for many across the world: Is Justin Bieber actually kind of hot?

Thanks to an unretouched photo obtained by TMZ, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Don't worry adults of the world, although still a smarmy ass-clown, (just like Wahlberg) Bieber is still a perpetual prepubescent boy.  Which is unlike Wahlberg, who is a smarmy ass adult.

The photo shows that not only were the majority of Mr. Bieber's muscles added after-the-fact, so too was the majority of the hair that exists above his penis:

Oh you poor wretch of humanity whose job it is to photoshop pubes onto Biebs.  Surely this is your alternate dimension, where you were banished to as punishment for a past life's transgressions.  The collective hearts of a nation, no, the world, go out to you in your time of woe.

Belieb 'dat.

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