Monday, January 26, 2015

Someone Just Paid $128,000 For A Playstation 4

I bought a PS4 a little over a month ago.  I paid the asking price of $400, and it even came with a free game.  Hours ago another person also bought a PS4, only this time they paid $128,000 for it.  And no, it didn't come with a free anything.

Let's back up for a minute though.  2015 marks the 20th anniversary for Sony's Playstation division.  To celebrate this milestone and four iterations of home video game consoles, Sony decided to release a special version of their newest powerhouse: The Playstation 4.  The 20th anniversary edition console was a limited number batch of consoles that matched the original color scheme of the first Playstation.  Complete with matching controller and multi-colored Playstation logo.

Notice the resemblance?

People ate it up.  The individually numbered consoles of which there was only a one time batch of 12,300, were sold out almost immediately.  But one question remained: Who would get the number one console?

Well, someone who has an extra $128,000 it turns out.

Sony held a charity auction online in Japan for the first serialized anniversary console (it's number one out of 12,300). The auction recently came to a close, drawing 1,585 bids with the winning one coming in at 15,135,000 yen—or US$128,086. Wowzers. That's a lot.

Still think they should have gotten a free game...

But it wasn't all a savage display of consumption and someone who has much more wealth than sense. As mentioned previously, all proceeds will go to Save the Children Japan, with Sony matching the amount raised by the console. That's a lot of match. 

Video games.  They sure are pricey.

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