Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sharks Are Eating The Internet

Alright!  That's it for you sharks.  Game over.  We were all cool with you scaring us because of movies, and ruining a small amount of surfer's dreams of winning a hopscotch tournament.  (They are surfers after all, who cares?)  But now you come for our Internet?  Oh, you gots ta go!

Want my legs?  Fine.  Take my YouTube away? I DON'T THINK SO!

The Stack reports that Vietnam recently suffered a major internet outage after one of the fat underwater cables that carries all our whining and googling was damaged:
Vietnam's branch of the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable system has today suffered the latest in a series of physical ruptures that have plagued the country over the last year. AAG report that the breakage occurred in the S1H section of the cable, not far from the shores of Ba Ria at the coastal city of Vung Tau. 
The connection is one of only five pipes serving a country of 93 million people, and is the network entry point for local providers VNPT, Viettel, SPT and FPT Telecom. The branch of AAG leading to Vietnam is a blind spoke, so neighbouring regions and countries are unaffected. Other recent breakages in the 12,000 mile (20,000 km) trans-Pacific cable have been responsible for similar network blackouts or slow-downs in Asian locations including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand, as well as Vietnam, in one case requiring 20 days to repair.

The site notes that it could be some run of the mill underwater accident (all sorts of heavy, sharp shit floating around down there), or it could be the work of a shark with a hunger for more than human flesh (a video of said shark can be seen up top):
As AAG's trans-Pacific enemy is thought by some to be the dangerous but fairly apolitical shark, attracted by the electromagnetic field that the cable generates

Perhaps the shark knows what is best for us all.  That we need to return to a simpler time, where we worked the land, read books, and feared the master of the ocean: the shark.

Perhaps this is the inevitable animal war, where the kingdom of nature finally rises up and owns all of humanity for fucking up their environments for so long.

Or it'd be great if furious animals could destroy all the things that make us unhappy: imagine crows picking apart our texts from mom, or a giraffe stomping on bad cops.

Think about it.  In the meantime I will be enjoying the fact that I got to write the best headline ever today.

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