Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh Jimmy, You Blew It Man

Oh Jimmy...Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy...

Nicole Kidman, one of the most beautiful women in the world, appeared recently on The Tonight Show.  For her celebrity story moment, she decided to recount the time when she first met Jimmy Fallon.  A story in which she recounts the time she threw herself at professional nice dude Jimmy Fallon, and he was too dumb to notice.

Oh Jimmy...

Behold the moment below, when you see the realization on his face that he, James Fallon, totally had a chance with Nicole Kidman: Mega-Babe.  Lightyears before that Aussie dude Keith Urban was even in the picture.

Also, enjoy the Kidman shrug like, Yes, America, I showed up at Jimmy Fallon's dirty apartment to flirt and he ignored me and played video games instead.

Check it out, and get your best cringe face on:

"And you didn't talk, at all. And so, after about an hour-and-a-half I thought, 'He has no interest, this is so embarrassing,'" Kidman said, to which Jimmy Fallon's face said, Holy shit I had a chance with Nicole Kidman.

Pour one out guys everywhere, who have been too dumb to realize a wonderful woman is totally into you, and unknowingly cocked it up.  And ladies, don't even worry about it next time this happens to you.  If it can happen to Nicole Kidman, it can happen to anybody.

RIP to Fallon's pillow, which by now is surely soaked through with regretful tears.

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