Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Never Sleep Again After Witnessing One Woman's Makeup Skills

Maria Malone-Guerbaa is a human, who through the power of make-up (and some fancy coats) is able to transform herself into a bunch of animals (and celebrities).  She's good at it.

How good you ask?

Good enough to make sure we all never sleep again.

She's not just animals either.  She can be cartoon Elvis...

That collar is painted on.  I knew it!

MFing Clint Eastwood...

The Man With No Room Left on his face for makeup.

And perhaps the most creepy animal of them all, the deer...

Feel free to call me when you cannot sleep.  I will be awake too.

It's impressive stuff, especially since her subjects are so diverse. Animals, humans, even cartoon characters, if it's got a face that's not Maria's, she can copy it with a brush.

Congratulations Maria, you've found your niche.  Also, a way to scare human beings to their utter core.  Well done.

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