Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gorillaz Are Back Baby

While Mr. Blur himself Damon Alburn has hinted for months, now it is really official everyone:  Gorillaz, quite possibly the most unique band of all time (given the fact that all the members are cartoons, well, along with the music) is back y'all.

Nobody should have to go without Murdoc in their lives.

Alburn confirmed that the animated band helmed by himself and artist Jamie Hewllet, would be reuniting in the near future to work on a follow-up to the group's 2011 album The Fall. Today, Hewllet posted artwork of fictional band members Murdoc and Noodle to his Instagram, leading curious fans to speculate on whether a reunion was in the works. Hewlett responded to a fan's query, "Yes Gorillaz Returns".

Props to Alburn for realizing he should stop wasting his time with Blur reunions and shitty solo albums, and just get back to work.

So be on the lookout for more animated hijinks, hologram shows, and Bruce Willis cameo videos.  Satanist hedonist Murdoc, innocent Noodle, maudlin 2D, and possessed Russel are coming to some ears near you soon enough.

In the meantime, remind yourself why this is awesome, just incase you are fool enough to have forgotten:


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