Sunday, January 11, 2015

FUNDAY: There Is No Tomorrow

Welcome back ladies and gents, it is that time again!  Now that you have surely shed your new year's resolutions cleanly and efficiently, the real year can begin!  It is time to get excited!  Time to get on track!  Time for some motivation!

Therefore allow me to impart some wisdom, by way of one of the most inspirational movies ever:

Oh yeah.  This one.

"Rocky III?" You ask?  What about Rocky I?  Or Rocky II?  No friends, you obviously don't get it.

Take this scene:

Or this one:

Don't you see?  You had it all in 2014, and now all you need is to find that fighting spirit once again.  Again you can be champion, but first, you gotta go watch the third Rocky film.  It will give you everything you ever need.

Also Clubber Lang.  He's the BEST.
So get out there!  You're a wreckin' machine!


The Afghan Whigs 

May we all have as much fun in life as The Afghan Whigs engineer Ryan O'Hara.  Seriously, it is something to aspire to.

DJ Snake & Aluna George

There is absolutely no reason for the main character in this video to be an ape.  Other than apes are cool, and it serves to make a rather disturbing video weirdly comical in many ways.  Besides that, no reason at all.  Don't be surprised if this one in someway shows up in your dreams.

Childish Gambino

Well Donald Glover, at first I just didn't believe in you.  I am sorry, but I was so wrong.  Also, please just continue to make every video with Hiro Miruai behind it.  He is by far the best director that exists right now.

Viet Cong

There is a 2015 version of Joy Division now.  No, it is not Interpol either.

Action Bronson

Allow me to just leave some lines from this one here: "I'm in the Humvee lookin' like a young me." "Hop out the Studebaker, with Anita Baker." "All I do is eat oysters, and speak 6 languages in 3 voices."  THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY I COULD BE MORE EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM.


The Voices Trailer

Well, I think I already found my movie of 2015.

Every Country Song Sounds The Same

Now with science!  Also, sorry for making you listen to this much bullshit, even if it is below 4 minutes.

Dying Light Parkour

There is a game about parkour featuring zombies, and here is the parkour that inspired that game.  Pretty sure that if zombies happened, these dudes would be totally fine.

Horse Surfing

Fuck a beach.  Fuck a wave.  I got a horse by god!

Run All Night Trailer

You would think by now that people would learn not to mess with Liam Neeson's family.  I mean, they have had three movies worth of reasons now.  Especially Ed Harris, I would expect him to know better.


Next week I better see you back at your punching weight.  See you then!

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