Sunday, January 4, 2015

FUNDAY: Rise Like A Phoenix

This is a Pop-Culture blog right? Here's the thing: I had an intro planned.  Something about starting out the year right, rising from the hangovers of the festivities.  Hence the title.  That all came right off the damn rails on the first day of this year.

What happened?

Well, there's no intro needed this week, because pretty much the most "popular" and "culture" thing just happened this week.

This is how we start 2015 everybody:

Yep.  That happened.

Yes that is Sir Paul McCartney singing with auto-tune and playing keys.  Yes that is Kanye singing a song from the perspective of his passed away mother.  A song that is both tender and subdued from the man who spent most of 2014 spazzing out.

If this is any indication of what is to come...2015 will be pretty sweet.

Here's to it everyone!



Back a few years ago now, when Chief Keef came out of nowhere to put Chicago Drill music on the scene, he brought some friends with him.  For a time, it seemed they were about to take over rap music.  Then, most of them inevitably fizzled out.   Keef himself shunning his sound and releasing baffling after baffling single in low budget video form.  However, there was one former pal of Keef who played it quiet.  Releasing mixtapes, carefully choosing great production, shooting good videos.  The secret was, he was always the real star, and at 20 years old, he is poised.  His name is SD.

Miguel f/Kurupt

He's back everybody!  And no, I am not talking about Kurupt.  Go listen to his EP right now.  The only thing wrong with it is that it is way too short.  Come back Miguel, don't tease us all then leave again! (Speaking of NWA, you are in for a surprise later this Funday!)

Dej Loaf f/Young Thug

...and people called her a one-hit-wonder...Not a chance fool!  She makes me excited for her career, and it doesn't hurt that for her next jam she recruited the most unique dude in rap music. "It's not one percent, not even half of one percent BITCH!" – How can you not love that?!  Seriously, 2014 was undeniably the year of Young Thug and "Weird ATL."  2015 will probably be the year of Young Dej.  Can't wait!

A$AP Rocky

Looks like Kanye wasn't the only one to release some New Years fire...Did I mention that 2015 is gonna be a good year?


Straight Outta Compton

Well, it is finally gonna happen.  After virtually becoming the definition for "production hell," the N.W.A. movie is actually going to see the light of day.  It even has a trailer.  A trailer that Ice Cube (who is an executive producer along with Dr. Dre) just showed at his recent looks like it could actually be awesome.  Awesome like N.W.A., one of the most seminal and legendary rap groups ever, is/was/will forever be.  I mean, Paul Giamatti is in it.  Please everyone, don't let this movie be bad.  America really might not be able to take it right now.

Epic Movie Explosions

Come on baby, I know what you need.

Ultimate Conspiracy Theories Debunker

Turns out it is pretty damn easy to figure out if most conspiracy theories you probably believe in are true or not.  Just need to do one thing: Follow the damn money.  Don't let me explain it though, because here are some cartoon birds and a nice British announcer who will do that for me.

Where's My Gas Cap?

Some people just should not be allowed to drive a vehicle.

We're Built To Be Kind

Hey, you.  Everything around you seems snarky, but it just isn't so.  Apathy and cynicism gets you nowhere.  You are going against your own brain.  Go be nice.  It's the right time at the beginning of the year.  Make it your resolution.  Follow your brain.

Best Fails of 2014

Let's send it off the right way.  By watching people have a bad time.


2015 in full swing y'all biscuitheads!  Get your mother fucking act together!

See you next week.

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