Sunday, January 18, 2015

FUNDAY: No Need To Worry

It's okay.  We understand.  You had a bad week.  Work sucks, your boss is an asshole.

Or maybe you just had a bad weekend.  Once again you and your significant other got drunk and then pointed out each other's flaws in front of everyone at the bar, until you were asked to leave.

It happens.  Part of being a human with feelings means that sometimes you get to experience the bad feelings.  It's fine though, because you have Funday, and Funday has the Internet.

That's right, any way that you ever need to feel better, more inspired, or just generally less sucky can be found right here at your fat sausage fingers.  (Sorry for that insult, you totally don't need that right now.)

For example, need to feel better quickly?  Here you go:

Did that not work for you?  Are you under the opinion that an 11-year-old adorable pixy is too played out for you?  (Boy you are a cynical bastard aren't you?)  Well, don't sweat it.  Perhaps you need to be inspired.

Got you covered on that ground as well:

See?  You get the idea.  Don't be a sad sack, just plug more into the already crippling electronic addiction you have.  Find that joy in another person's videos!  After all, it's what this whole damn series is based on right?

Let's go!


Kari Faux

There are times when I desperately wish that the word "swag" wasn't the most overdone/played out thing in the world.  They don't come around often but when they do, I really need that word to be cool again.  This is one of those rare occurrences, when I wish all I had to do was write in huge bold capital letters "swag" and nothing else.

Hot Sugar

Hmm....I would love to be a little (computer generated) kid again.  Searching for clip-art of graves from the comfort of my bedroom.

Purity Ring

They are back up in this bitch y'all!  The duo that continually makes straight hood bangerz (with cutesy pixy vocals) and that is the most unlikely duo to make straight hood bangerz just put out some new music.  

Moon Duo

Sometimes, when you are a pro-skateboarder, you just gotta rip everything that is around.  Everything that is not a skateboard.  Also, the guy's expression at the end of the video is an exact mirror of my own.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean singing an Aaliyah cover that is actually a cover in itself of The Isley Brothers.  That is just about everything that is right in the world.  Seriously, other than this guy, there is no album I want to hear most than this young man's.


We Got This

I can feel it.  2015 is gonna be all about next-level parenting.  The fathers of the future are here.

One of Those Days

Candide Thovex has two things.  1) An awesome name.  2) The most hardcore daily commute of anyone on the damn earth.  Awesome.

Al The Jumper

Meet Al.  He goes by "Al The Jumper."  He loves to jump over things.  In fact, he has made a career out of it.  He jumps over everything, even things that move.  Even things that move at him at 70mph.  Al is cool, and he also may be insane.

Lego Top Gear

Well, there's the coming together of two things in this world that are two of the handful of things that I hold most dear.  Somebody find The Stig's torso would you?


See you next week!

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