Sunday, January 25, 2015

FUNDAY: No Introduction Needed

Welcome back to Funday ladies and germs!  The Internet collection article that is weekly posted to begin your week with a smile on that little face of yours.  This week we have some gems as usual, so let's get into it and not waste your precious time.

There was gonna be an intro here, but then this appeared on the beautiful Internet:

If you don't know about Body Count or Suicidal Tendencies, I cannot help you, you fucking millennial.  However, if you do, you probably have a huge smile on your face right now.  That's better than any drivel I could right, so let's go!

Get ready and get out there and tackle that week!  Remember, no matter what happens, it could always be worse.

A whale could shit all over you...
Keep that in mind.


Charli XCX f/Rita Ora

This is like Gaga's "Telephone" video but if instead it featured two British babes and was directed by Harmony Korine.  So it's awesome.  Not just for the setting, but mainly because it features Charli hanging out at white trash swimming pools while wearing a cowboy hat.  It's official, I can never stop until she decides to marry me.  She even makes Rita Ora tolerable, and message to the world: Stop trying to make Rita Ora happen.  It is just never gonna fly.

Deniro Farrar

I have asked this before, but...HOW IS THIS GUY NOT MORE FAMOUS BY NOW?!  Makes entirely no sense to me.

Alvaro Diaz

Just a few years ago Puerto Rico didn't have a Hip Hop scene.  Sure, there were reggaeton acts, and artists from Puerto Rico, but it didn't have it's own sound.  That is until this 25-year-old showed up and started to blend the reggaeton, rap, and R&B around him.  Proof that a hot song is a hot song, no matter what language it may be in.  Check for this dude, he's got it.

Schwarz Don't Crack

Man, the groove on this.  The groove.  The grooove.  The GROOOOOVE.  GROOOOOOOOOOVE.

Riff Raff

Warning, your monthly Riff Raff update inbound.  Warning.  Yes, those are aquaberry bangs that he is rocking.  Riff, never change.

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah f/DOOM

This is pretty much just about everything that I hold dear in this wonderful world.  Not many people have one music video they can say that about, but I do thanks to these individuals.  


Top NBA Bloopers of 2014

No matter how bad you may feel right now, watching these super-human millionaires make fools of themselves will at least make you feel a little bit better.

Real Life Pac Man

Real life Pac Man should be available every day, not just as part of a Super Bowl commercial.  Especially not just part of a Super Bowl commercial for the shittiest beer ever made.  

Next Level Archery

Get a damn history lesson on archery while watching a european dude do things that are simultaneously amazing and cringeworthy.  Impressively embarrassing, and informative as well.  The level of entertainment that all YouTube videos should aspire to.

NFL 2015 Bad Lip Reading

Warning: Don't eat or drink while watching this.  You will choke from the amount of laughter.  Safety first when consuming hilarious Internet videos children.  Safety is always first.


See you next week.  Remember, keep away from the rear of whales in the meantime.

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