Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Four-Year-Old Kid Might Be Reincarnated Bruce Lee

You like Bruce Lee.  I like Bruce Lee.  Everybody likes Bruce Lee.  Everybody liked Bruce Lee.  I mean the man is responsible for the career of Chuck Norris.  So in a way, without him there would have never been Walker: Texas Ranger.

Think about that for a minute.

However, like most people who seemed too awesome for the time they lived in, we lost him, way too early.  He only got to make a handful of films, most of which became instantly classics.  Also one of which was The Chinese Connection.  Which at this point if you haven't seen, go ahead and go watch then come back.

For the decades after his untimely passing, we have been able to enjoy his mastery of martial arts on the silver screen, but now things have changed.  That's because the spirit of the dragon has lived on, inside a tiny Taiwanese boy.  A boy that is still in pre-school, and can do this:

Tiny nunchaku, check.  Tiny Game of Death suit, check.  Adult sized level of fury, check.

Could you do this when you were still in preschool? I know I couldn't. What's cool is that the kid isn't only doing a solid job of matching Lee's moves from flicks like Game of Death, but the tyke is doing so with his back to the screen. Not bad for a 4-year-old—or anyone, really, for that matter.

Oh, but he ain't done folks.

While it's true as an adult he was a spiritual atheist, Bruce Lee was raised as a Buddhist...just saying...

Bruce?  Are you in there?

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