Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic Four Is Coming To Theatres (Again)

Marvel's first family is coming to the silver screen.  For the third time, they are gonna try to make what is essentially a stretchy man, a giant rock, an invisible woman, and a man who is on fire, cool for people to enjoy.  Despite failing twice already.  At least this time there is no Jessica Alba...

Oooooh....that's fantastic!

The very first teaser for this summer's Fantastic Four movie just hit this morning, showing off a slicker, more sci-fi-centric look for younger versions of Reed Richards and his band of explorers.

The film is being directed by Josh Trank, the director of 2012's deconstructed superhero movie Chronicle. Which is a good thing, because Chronicle was good, even for a found footage movie.

This version of the FF has come in for some criticism as it's developed, with everything from the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm because people are still racist out there (which is fucking ridiculous because he is awesome) to the supposed re-invention of Victor Von Doom. A big mistake. We'll see how it all turns out this summer.

The Fantastic Four is pretty silly, but they do have one thing that is unequivocally awesome.  Like many superheroes, their main badguy is the best, one of the best in the Marvel universe.  Hint: Here's how to make a cool Fantastic Four movie, just have plenty of this guy:


Which if you click on the link above, seems like they already massively fucked up.  Dr. Doom as a computer programmer?!  No.  He is a fucking badass in a metal suit that is the ruler of a country and uses science and magic to fuck people up.  How do you mess that up?!

So...see you for the fourth try in a few years?  At least that will be kinda fitting...


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