Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dogs Are Disappearing In Texas

It sounds like a bad Stephen King premise, but this horror story is actually happening to some southern pet owners. At least 40 dogs have mysteriously gone missing since November in a small North Texas town, but authorities say they have no idea who is taking them or why.

Perhaps it is a Wishbone type situation.

Dozens of residents reported their dogs vanishing from front yards and porches across Wise County, Texas, where authorities are reportedly baffled by the disappearances.

There's no physical evidence so far, and the only apparent clue is a strange car that someone reported the same day a dog went missing in the neighborhood. But police say they still don't have any suspect descriptions or specific vehicle details.

The town sheriff, David Walker, tells WFAA he's concluded the disappearances could be "suspicious."  Clearly he is some sort of comic book police chief, often more baffled than not.

"It does have some eyebrows raised. Could they be using them in dog fights? I guess that's possible. Selling them on some sort of social media sites or Craigslist or something like that."

The owners say they hope their pets are at least living with new families.

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