Monday, January 26, 2015

Dog of The Sea Meets Dog of The Land

So it's a slow news day so far, but here is something from the animal kingdom though.

Seals are the dogs of the sea, as dogs are the seals of the land. This Tumblr user understandsthat. This video shows a meeting between one such sea dog and a land seal.

Don't try to tell me this isn't a dog without proper feet.

What happens when a land dog meets a sea dog?   What mysteries of nature are solved when the land dwelling man's best friend meets his nautical counterpart?  Not a lot, really, but it's nice watching these two dogs (of the land and sea, respectively) hang out.

See?  No need for alarm.  No cause for panic.  Just two ol' dogs reunited.  Just two dogs hanging out here, nothing more to see everybody.  Doesn't matter that one might not be able to catch a frisbee very well, that a dog it does not unmake.

However, as fun as it is seeing these dogs meet (on the land, it so happens), it's important not to get it twisted: Land seals belong on the land and sea dogs belong in the sea.

No need to get crazy here.  Let the seals enjoy their fish, and the dogs enjoy their...whatever it is they decide to eat on a given day.

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