Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dad's Prank On Daughter Backfires Completely

Fed up with his teenage daughter repeatedly stealing his favorite cookies, no matter where in the house he tried to hide them, a British dad concocted a plan for revenge. While searching her room for signs of his missing snacks, he found she had a special stash of her own—a bottle of foul, store-brand vodka. Only one thing to do, the vengeful dad wrote on Reddit:

Ha! I thought to myself.. Steal my cookies will ya? Right, two can play at that game. So I emptied the contents of the bottle into an empty bottle I had and replaced it with water and screwed the top back on tightly and slipped it back into her bag. I chuckled to myself at the thought of the disappointment that she and her friends would be experiencing in a few short hours.

A good prank, harmless and an adequate revenge for his lost cookies right?  All the dad had to do was wait, and his daughter would soon get her comeuppance, only this post on Reddit was found in the TIFU subreddit, which to any Reddit amateur is familiar.  You see, the acronym here is Today I Fucked Up...usually followed by whatever the user did that was wrong. So the prank, you might notice probably didn't go swimmingly.

Oh it gets good.

Perhaps, you may be thinking, the placebo effect rendered the bottle of water just as effective an intoxicant as the nearly-undrinkable alcohol it replaced? That would have been funny, but that trick works better on people who already a little drunk. What actually happened was even better:

That evening, I waited for her call but there was not a peep. The next day, when she came back, I asked her how her evening had gone. "Oh," she replied, "it was weird… we had some vodka but when we drank it, it was water!" Grinning to myself but giving her my very serious dad's face, I asked what they had done. "Well," she said, "we just took it back to Tescos and they replaced it with a new bottle for us!"

Now is that customer service, or is that customer service? 

Seems unlikely right? That this could be another Reddit fib just to get a chance to be on that oh so popular front page. Well, the father went beyond the call, and even posted the letter, yes a follow-up apology letter that his daughter received from Tesco. Complete with a promise that there would be an investigation into the faulty batch of Imperial vodka:

Well, damn.

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