Friday, January 23, 2015

Classic Video Games Inspire New Classic Ridiculousness

Classic video games.  They became classic for a reason right?  Some of those past generation hits just instilled so many precious moments onto your young mind that you continue to hold them dear.  Like  in one of the best games ever made, Street Fighter II, where you get to use a martial artist millionaire playboy to beat up a car in a bonus stage...with your damn bare hands.

Or, in a totally different but equally classic game, you get to witness perhaps the funniest sound bite ever put to 16 bits...after beating up a car.

So clearly, video games are awesome.  Way cooler than real life, obviously.  But what happens when video games transcend into real life?  When the car is a real car, that needs to be beaten by a person's fists?

Well, my friends, what happens is you find the best subset of the Internet on YouTube.

Fuck that car!

Tough? Wasteful? Dull? A handful of martial arts types try their luck at a real-life version ofStreet Fighter's bonus stage.

How about none of the above?!

People are out here yo, and they are beating up cars.

They are beating them on Japanese game shows.

They are kicking the shit outta them in nondescript garages, possibly in eastern Europe.

Don't forget the beatdowns happening in Brazilian dumps.

Cars, what did they ever do for you?  Nothing!

Now if only they can figure out how to shoot fireballs out of their hands...

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