Friday, January 2, 2015

AOTW: Living Up Those Stereotypes

Welcome back to Asshole of The Week, where each week we single out a person, place, or thing that is the absolute worst.  This week we have a whole shitshow for you courtesy of the NCAA Bowl Championship Series.

The Sugar Bowl is underway, and plenty of Bama fans have made the drive down to New Orleans, like this lady, who is shitting (we think—that two-point stance is a poopin' stance; at the very least she's pissing in there) into a sidewalk planter. Photo below.

If you were told that this person is either: 

  1. An Ohio State fan.
  2. An Alabama fan.
Odds are you and I know which one you would pick.  This is practically a luxury toilet for Alabamians (Alabamans?) You get to poop in a jungle aesthetic, that's just not available in Montgomery.

Come on, we know you are probably just peeing, and that you are definitely drunk.

Normally you may ask whether this took place before or after Alabama's loss, but it really doesn't matter.  Either way, you are making your fanbase look dumb.  But hey, you're still in college, so you are still an asshole.

Congratulations, plantshitter!  You join shit-barf guy, Rangers pisser, and barf-pit guy in the admittedly broadly defined shit-barf category. Happy New Year.  You are the first Asshole of The Week in 2015!

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