Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All Your Mecha Dreams Come True

Imagine this scenario:  You log onto Amazon, intending on purchasing a brand new coffee mug that is themed in some way towards your interests (Batman/Robocop preferably).  Before you do, you naturally decide to check out your recommendations, as people do.  You scroll down and....OH MY GOD YOU CAN BUY A GIANT ROBOT ON AMAZON FOR $1 MILLION!

You then decide to dedicate your life to obtaining one million dollars for which to buy a giant Japanese robot.

Hey, it might even be on sale by that time.

For a long time now you can get whatever you need on Amazon's increasing list of products available, and now that list apparently includes giant ridiculous robots.  And if you don't need a giant robot, you aren't living life right.

This monstrosity, which looks like a cross between an ED-209 and a Transformer, is named Kuratas and of course, it comes from Japan. Kuratas can freely move around, fire off bottle rockets and fireworks and has 6,000 round-per-minute BB-gun, which is controlled by the user’s smile. Yes, you read that last part right.

The future, ladies and gentle men, is now.

Hold your breath, because here are some videos:

Kuratas can be custom built and costs 120 million yen, or a little over one million American greenbacks.

Before you ask, no it is not available for Super Saver Shipping.  Thanks for nothing Amazon Prime.

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