Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stupid Panda Acts Like An Idiot

Bao Bao, the National Zoo's well-known idiot panda, is currently hiding out in a tree after touching a "hot wire" in her habitat yesterday.  No wonder these things cannot ever produce an offspring.

Enjoying your bamboo you idiot?

From the Zoo's Facebook page:

For everyone wondering about giant panda cub Bao Bao, she chose to spend last night outdoors in a tree. Staff determined that Bao Bao touched a 'hot wire' in her yard yesterday afternoon. This is a safe warning system used by Zoos for containment. Her reaction was to climb up a tree where she feels safe. This behavior is predictable. Bao Bao is perfectly fine and like all Zoo animals, she is still learning the boundaries of her habitat. Keepers decided to give Mei access to the outdoor yard overnight and she choose to stay with Bao Bao, a likely scenario for a mother panda to stay with her cub in the wild. A keeper stayed overnight in the panda house just in case they decided to come inside. The staff are adjusting the pandas' routine today and are confident that Bao Bao will come down when she is ready.

Pandas.  What are you gonna do with 'em?  They eat a truckload of bamboo, look cute but are actually super dangerous, and sit on their own children with varying frequency.  Then they try to electrocute themselves.

Stupid bears.

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