Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Man Loves The Simpsons Even More Than Me

I love The Simpsons.  I always have.

Sure, you love the show too.  Everybody did at one point.  However, I would venture to say I just might love it more than you do.  I just about every day recognize or am reminded of a joke from a various episode.  During the FXX marathon, I slept less than I ever have before in a 12 day period, basking in front of the yellow glow of my television.  I have read the comics.  Played all the video games.  If there was one fictional person that I could choose to make real, it would be Homer.  I wouldn't even have to think about it.

However, one man loves The Simpson Family more than me.  He loves Springfield more than me.  Here's why:

That is the back of a dedicated man.  203 characters worth of dedication.

Michael Baxter, an Australian prison guard, has more Simpsons characters tattooed on his body than most people can even remember.

His entire back is covered in a collage of the cartoon's cast, with the Simpson family themselves flanked by everyone.  All the hits are there, from Gunther to Comic Book Guy.  Sideshow Bob to Kent Brockman, who resides just above Baxter's asscrack.

The tattoo forms part of a world record bid, with Baxter aiming to be certified as having "the most cartoon characters tattooed on his body."  He sure picked the right show to keep the theme going.

You can play "spot the obscure character" below:

Well done sir.  I don't know what your face looks like, but I hope it is something like this:

That would just be the most perfect thing.

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