Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mom Calls In To C-Span to Yell At Her Sons

Most times, when something amazing happens, it cannot in all honesty really be called the best thing of a certain situation.  You might think you had the best date ever, but realistically somebody probably had a better one at some point.

However, very rarely, a moment transpires and you just know.  You know that in that particular situation, the best thing has just happened.  Unequivocally and without doubt.

Oh my Lord, shut it down, here is the greatest moment in the history of C-SPAN (you know, the channel you watch when you are bored/insomnia stricken/high) has happened: A (very Southern) mama called into one of their shows to yell at the guests. Not because she disagrees, but because the guests are brothers and both her sons and she is sick and tired of their shit.

This perfect moment comes via the eagle-eyes at the Washington Post. You see, brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse sit on opposite sides of the the aisle, politically, and so they make joint appearances to argue bitterly in only the way that brothers can about things like Obamacare.  The way that people who don't have brothers will never understand, and those that do will silently nod their heads as they relive the horrors of their lives respectively.

Rearing these two has clearly caused their mother to just have had enough, by God, and so she called into their latest C-SPAN appearance from Raleigh, North Carolina to say that she is glad they both went to their in-laws' this year for Thanksgiving and she wants this nonsense out of their system BEFORE they come home for Christmas, goddammit. She loves them both, but she wants a peaceful Noel.

Watch and cringe as one of the brothers drops his head into his hands and bemoans, "Oh God, it's mom."  And it's the best.

At least they've got something to bond over before the trip home for the holidays.

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