Wednesday, December 10, 2014

McDonald's Serves Up Complimentary Side of Pornography

Ah, beautiful Switzerland.  The land of the other blonde babes (you cannot have it all Sweden!), chocolate, cuckoo clocks, and if you ask nicely, delicious Big Macs served to you right next to a heaping helping of pornography.

Sheds a whole new light on words like "McFrappe."

This past Saturday, patrons of a McDonald's in Zuchwil, Switzerland were surprised to find a television playing pornography "at full volume," the country's 20 Minnuten reports.

Apparently the result of (unexpected) adult programing on a customer-requested sports channel, something that can apparently happen in Switzerland, and thus makes it awesome.  People reported the sexy mistake went uncorrected for about an hour.  Or about as long as it took an employee to come out and notice, one would imagine.  What can you expect though, from the customers who requested the Sports/Pornography channel to be turned on?

According to a McDonald's spokesperson, restaurant TVs are usually tuned to the largely porn-less Eurosport network, but employees sometimes change the channel "to please a customer."

Having a boner whilst enjoying a delicious Big Mac?  Sadly cannot speak from experience on that one, but I imagine that yes, that customer was pleased.

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